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1199 Queen Street
Ontario N2Z 1G4
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    Ryan Beland Added 2018-10-25
    Staff always seems to be chatting over customers and the place is tiny so it gets loud. It's not that it is a bad thing to talk while you work, but when the lady is waiting for you to put her through, she doesn't care about some exchange student heading home. In my small amount of time there, I know half the gossip in that place.

    Food was good though.
    christian poupart Added 2018-10-24
    Very unorganized, poor work ethics from the employees. It seems like there is never a Manager there to ensure things are running smoothly.
    While I was in there, they had the right number of staff, but because they lacked efficiency, I saw four people just walk out, not including myself. I left because I saw a line of 7 subs that came out of the oven, and were just sitting on the counter untouched, while the first employee was still taking orders at the start of the line.
    If there was just one more subway store in town, this one would go out of business.
    Bill Platten Added 2018-09-17
    Good food.
    Alex Ikronic Added 2018-08-19
    The staff are very tentative, the food was made and served pretty fast! I got what I wanted with a smile
    Jim Neill Added 2018-08-10
    Its good an clean

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